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Product Name:

Glyoxylic Acid Monohydrate

Working principle:

CAS: 563-96-2

Molecular Weight: 92.05080

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Water Solubility: Miscible in all proportions

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Product Features

Glyoxylic Acid Monohydrate 


Empirical formula:   C2H4O4
Molecular weight:   92.05080
CAS number:   563-96-2
EINECS number:    None
Formic acid:   0.5%max
Maleic acid:   0.15%max
Oxalic acid:   1.35%max
Glyoxal:   0.0%
Density(20℃)   1.33g/mL
CTFA/INCI name:   Glyoxylic Acid Monohydrate
Appearance:   White crystalline powder
Solubility:   Very solute in water and alcohol, insoluble in  organic solvents
Storage:  Keep the containers well closed. Storage temperatures lower than 40℃.





 Product Name                                              Glyoxylic Acid Monohydrate
 Item               Qualified                High-Quality Products  
 Glyoxylic Acid Monohydrate     ≥98.00%     ≥98.5%
 Formic acid  ≤0.50%  ≤0.4%
 Oxalic acid  ≤1.25%  ≤0.9%
 Maleic acid  ≤0.25%  ≤0.2%





1. 25KG/PE Bag, 20MT/20'FCL with pallets;25Drum/Paper Drum,9MT/20'FCL with pallets
2. Other Packing: Available by request




Main Applications


1. Aromas

The raw materials of vanillin, Ethyl-vanillin, Heliotropin, Anisic Aldehyde, etc.


2. Pharmaceutical intermediates

Used as pharm intermediates for D(-) Alpha Phenylglycine, Mandelic acid, Hydroxyphenylacetic acid, p-hydroxyphenylglycine, p-hydroxyphenylhydantoin, Diphenylacetic acid, and so on.


3. Cosmetics

Used to produce Allantoin and Allantoin is suitable for any personal care application. It helps the dead skin cells fall off, helps the skin keep in more water, and leaves the skin feeling smoother and softer; It also finds applications in personal care as a neutralizing agent and is widely used in hair straightening products;


4. Agrochemical

Used as intermediates of herbicides and pesticides; Also raw material for EDDHA-FE organic fertilizer.


5. Water Treatment Agent

Glyoxylic Acid can be used to manufacture water treatment agent 2-Hydroxyphosphonocarboxylic Acid (HPAA).


6. Other Applications

Used as the raw material of vanish and dyes; Used to make water-soluble polymers and copolymers which are useful in coatings and adhesives; Used as a chemical cross-linking agent, etc.





1. Advanced manufacturing technology

Based on the advantage of the existing technical superiority of large-scale ozone generators and the VPSA system, we develop and master the international advanced core technology of producing high-quality Glyoxylic AcidMonohydrate by ozonation maleic anhydride method. This technique has the preferable advantages of little pollution with extremely low three waste disposal in the production process.


2. Unique product quality

Different from the production method of nitric acid oxidation of glyoxal from other manufacturers, our unique technology decides our products are glyoxal-free and nitric acid-free with higher purity, and lowest impurity. The crystal Glyoxalic Acid is a white solid, and the purity can reach more than 99%. Glyoxylic acid aqueous solution is colorless and transparent, which has no influence on the performance of downstream Products and meets the needs of Pharm, Cosmetics, and other high–end industries for higher purity Glyoxylic Acid;


3. Convenient and fast logistics

Our factory is located in Shihezi, Xinjiang, the goods can be delivered to the customer's factory on time relying on the special railway line; The China-Europe Railway Express can deliver products to European countries quickly. We have a professional warehouse in Qingdao, it is about 2-3 Hours by car to International Qingdao Port; We cooperate with professional logistics companies to provide customers with a variety of convenient transportation methods for goods, including sea, air, and land transportation.

Application Scenario

Pharmaceutical intermediates

Sed as pharm intermediates for D(-) Alpha Phenylglycine, Mandelic acid, Hydroxyphenylacetic acid, p-Hydroxyphenylglycine, p-Hydroxyphenylhydantoin , Diphenylacetic acid and so on.


Used as intermediates of herbicides and pesticides; Also raw material for EDDHA-FE organic fertilizer.