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Xinjiang Guolin New Materials Co., Ltd

Xinjiang Guolin New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") was established in 2020,
It is the first domestic enterprise to adopt the "ozone oxidation maleic anhydride process" to produce high-quality glyoxylate crystals and aqueous solutions,
potassium formate crystals and aqueous solutions, achieving iterative upgrading of traditional production processes,
This process has been included in the "Catalogue of Industrial Basic Innovation and Development (2021 Edition)" by the National Manufacturing Strong
Country Construction Strategy Advisory Committee and the National Industrial Basic Expert Committee.

The company is Qingdao Guolin Technology Group Co., Ltd..A wholly-owned subsidiary of a limited company

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Relying on the strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities of Guolin Technology, after more than a decade of efforts, we have overcome multiple technological challenges such as oxygen production, ozone, oxidation, distillation, and granulation. We have mastered the core technology and specialized equipment manufacturing technology of the "ozone oxidation maleic anhydride process" for producing crystalline glyoxalic acid. By utilizing exhaust gas recovery technology and wastewater reuse technology, the manufacturing cost of the product has been reduced. The three wastes are discharged less during the production process, and the product does not contain carcinogens such as glyoxal. It is a non hazardous chemical product that is safe and convenient for storage and transportation. It is widely used in industries such as medicine, cosmetics, spices, agriculture, chemical industry, water treatment agents, petroleum, cement, leather, printing and dyeing.

The company's production base covers an area of approximately 100000 square meters

Through remote monitoring for visual management, online detection and automatic alarm of production process technical parameters are carried out to achieve material operation automation, ensuring quality assurance and safety reliability of the production process. The annual production of 25000 tons of glyoxylate crystals and 22000 tons of potassium formate crystals can be achieved, and different concentrations of aqueous solutions can be produced according to customer needs.

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    Production base

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    Annual Glyoxylic Acid

  • 2.2WT

    Annual Potassium Formate

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The company adheres to the business philosophy of "technological innovation, industry serving the country", continuously strengthens technological
innovation and research and development, and continues to provide customers with high-quality products and services,Willing to cooperate sincerely with
global partners and seek common development!

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