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Guolin Technology made its debut at the Spanish CPHI exhibition


Recently, the 2023 World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials European Exhibition (CPHI Barcelona) was grandly held in Barcelona, Spain. As the world's largest professional exhibition for the pharmaceutical industry, CPHI brings together practitioners from the pharmaceutical raw materials industry from all over the world and has received wide attention and recognition. Guolin Technology debuted at CPHI this year, showcasing the high-quality glyoxylic acid produced by Guolin Technology's unique process.

As an important fine chemical raw material, glyoxylic acid has rich applications in the fields of medicine, agrochemistry, flavors and fragrances, cosmetics, etc. Among them, in medicine, glyoxylic acid, as an important pharmaceutical intermediate, can be used to prepare semi-synthetic penicillin, such as amoxicillin, cephalexin, cefradine and other antibiotics; can synthesize skin wound healing agent-allantoin; can also be used in the synthesis of cardiovascular drugs, hypertension drugs and anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs.

Guolin Technology, as the only enterprise in China that uses ozone oxidation process to produce high-quality glyoxylic acid on a large scale, has exported its products to major high-end markets such as Europe and the United States with its strong strength, excellent quality and professional services, and has established stable cooperative relations with the world's top pharmaceutical companies.

In the future, Guolin Technology will continue to enhance the supply and service capabilities of international customers, continuously improve the quality and service level, actively explore overseas markets, and move forward steadily on the road to internationalization.