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Guolin new materials high quality Glyoxylic Acid to open up the European market, favored by European customers


Recently, the sales team of the Foreign Trading Division of Guolin New Materials went to Europe for business talks and technical exchanges at the invitation of European customers. Taking this opportunity, the Guolin New materials team also visited a number of chelate fertilizer manufacturers, conducted in-depth exchanges and exchanges of views, reached a series of cooperation intentions, and had a further understanding of the technical process of the two sides, which helped the expansion of Guolin new materials in the international market.

During this visit to Europe, representatives of Guolin New Materials were invited to conduct several rounds of exchanges with customers. The two sides had in-depth discussions on the technical details and application fields related to Glyoxylic Acid products and Potassium Formate products, and interactive exchanges on hot issues in the industry. Customers have given high recognition to Guolin Glyoxylic Acid products, that it has the advantages of high quality, high purity and stability, and has broad application prospects in the market. The customer send purchase orders at the end of the visit.

(Guolin New Materials representatives with European customers)

Subsequently, the Guolin New Materials team met with different European chelate fertilizer manufacturers. After careful consideration and careful inquiry, different degrees of cooperation intentions were reached. Guolin New Materials' high-quality Glyoxylic Acid will become the raw material supplier of one of the leading chelate fertilizer manufacturers, which marks the efforts of Guolin Technology's high-quality Glyoxylic Acid to enter the European market once again, and also lays a solid foundation for Guolin new materials to expand the international market. During the talks, representatives of a number of manufacturers repeatedly discussed the safe storage, environmentally friendly production and non-hazardous transportation of Glyoxylic Acid products of Guolin New materials, and praised and recognized them.

This visit to European customers not only enhanced the cooperative relationship between Guolin New Materials and European customers, but also was an opportunity to learn and exchange. Through in-depth understanding of the needs of European customers, product adjustment and optimization, so as to continuously improve product quality and service level, but also for the future development of Guolin new materials to provide important support.

In the future, Guolin New Materials will continue to strive for excellence, constantly improve product quality and service level, and serve global customers with higher standards and quality to achieve sustainable development.


Xinjiang Guolin New Materials Co., Ltd is the first high-quality Glyoxylic Acid, Potassium Formate manufacturer by Ozone Oxidation process of Maleic Anhydride in China, was found in 2020. We realize the iteration upgrade of traditional production technology and our process was included in Catalogue of Industrial Base Innovation and Development (2021 Edition) by National Manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee and National Industrial Foundation Expert Committee.

We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qingdao Guolin Technology Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter “Guolin Technology”, Stock Code ‘300786’). Based on strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities of Guolin Technology, we have overcome the technical challenges of Oxygen production, Ozone, oxidation, distillation, prilling and mastered the core technology and special equipment manufacturing technology to produce Glyoxylic Acid Monohydrate. With tail gas recovery and waste water reuse technology, we have successfully kept the production cost low to stay competitive while having the advantages of less discharge of the three wastes, being environment-friendly and achieving sustainable development. Our Glyoxylic Acid has higher quality with Glyoxal-free and it is safer and easier to store and transport as non-dangerous goods. It has been widely used in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Aromas, Agrochemical, Polymers, wastewater industries etc.

The company's production base covers an area of about 100,000 square meters, which is the leading Glyoxylic Acid Monohydrate production base in world. We use visual management through remote monitoring, online detection and automatic alarm of technical parameters during production process to achieve automatic material operation and the quality assurance and safety and reliability of the production process is ensured. Our annual output is 25,000 tons of Glyoxylic Acid Monohydrate and 22,700 tons of Potassium Formate crystals. Different concentrations of aqueous solutions can be satisfied according to customer needs.

We carry forward the desire of ‘Technology Innovation’ and ‘Industry serve the country’ and constantly improve our R&D to provide high quality products and services to our customers. We are willing to work together with global partners to achieve long-term business cooperation and continuous growth.